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My cat Kali is playful, fun-loving and affectionate! She was being not herself and I was worried. I took her to the vet three times and they couldn't find anything wrong with her. I realized it was more emotional than physical so I called Carol. She responded immediately and put me at ease. She asked great questions and really understood what Kali needed. In the session, Carol got Kali's personality immediately! She shared Kali's thoughts with me with such warmth and comfort. I thought Carol was going to heal Kali yet she ended up healing both of us! She crated an even deeper connection between us. After the session, our spirits were lifted tremendously and Kali & I felt happy! We are grateful to Carol for bringing the fun, warmth and playfulness back into our home. Carol gave us the tools on how to connect with each other every day! Thanks again, Carol!
- Rorri, Illinois

I have to tell you that since the intuitive healing session that Posey has not only come out of her shell lately, but she is also a much more pleasant cat to be around.  She is spending much more time out of the basement, and right at this moment she is sitting b the back door close to Patty Pan (the rival cat).  Actually, they are touching!  She doesn't hiss at the dogs nearly as much and just seems happier.  I finished building the cat house and it is out in the back yard.  Now they can hang outside on nice days and they have been in there every day this week, and there has been no fighting or hissing.  All is well!!  Thanks again for your help.  I think it has really made a difference!
- Peggy, Illinois

Thanks again for your help and connecting with Chloe and Riley!  It was so amazing!  Thanks also for digitally recording the session - I've enjoyed listening to it again!  I checked out what the elephant totem says - and it talks about power, strength, and wisdom.  That is a message I keep getting from others about myself, and the second time Riley has mentioned it to me.  I'm going to focus my meditations on the elephant and power and strength, and we'll see where it takes me!
- Cathi, Wisconsin  

The communication with Sammie really helped us understand the "why" of his behaviors, and in so doing, is helping us be patient while he's working through his emotional issues. The very specific points covered were quite amazing, funny and insightful. Since the communication, Sammie seems to be a happier, more content dog and we're seeing a more playful attitude, and more smiles from him. Thanks!"
- Tina, Wisconsin

"Your interpretation of Juniper's identity (now "miss beauuutiful!!) makes perfect sense given her stoic nature. Since our session, I have been telling her how beautiful she is, as she requested, and amazingly, she wags her tail when I tell her!! I've also given her a job to distract her from her self-imposed "time-out" phase, and although there is still room for improvement, she does appear to be happier, and it is easier to get her involved in the activities around the house. I am looking forward to using flower essences to enhance her coming out of her shell. I wouldn't have known to do any of this without your help. Thank you!!"
- Judi, Kentucky

We wanted to let you know that you have helped us tremendously, both in dealing with the death of some of our family members as well as helping us to understand some of our current pets. We were skeptical at first but your comments regarding our animals were too special and on point for them to be coincidence or guess work. You have not only made believers of us in your work but have given us great peace of mind. Thank you so much."
- Christy and Tom, Florida

Thank you so much for the consultation session with my babies, Shadow, Boo-boo & Mini. I would certainly recommend your service to anyone who wanted to know more about their pets. I feel our bond (mine & the kids) has been strengthened and intensified since our session. I am humbled by their capacity for pure, unconditional love. You have a rare gift to be able to communicate so deftly and lovingly with these wonderful creatures. My children certainly responded to you. You must have a very gentle heart. My most heartfelt thanks, again."
- Bonnie, Illinois

"Thank you for your help with my horse, Billy. He now is best friends with the older horse I have been riding to help me build my confidence for riding Billy. He is such a treasure, and I didn't want to lose him. Now I feel like I can take my time and do this the right way, and that he understands that too."
- Kristi, Illinois

"Just a note to thank you for helping with Tiny, my three year old kitty. She seems to be calmer now and not jumping at every noise she hears. I've been stroking her, and explaining to her about the noises she hears . . . like car doors slamming, someone knocking at the door, me dropping something. I also try and tell her of upcoming noises she may hear regarding our street being torn up and re-paved, work on the house next door, and new neighbors moving in. She seems to understand. Thank you again for helping Tiny and me."
- Margaret, Illinois

"Thank you so much for the kind e-mail and especially for the communication last night. I could not possibly put into words what it meant to me, and how much I admire your gift. It is truly a gift of healing and quite obviously directly from God. This type of work seems to me to be sacred and necessary. We discover how profound the connections are between all beings, particularly those we live with, and how meaningful those connections are. It was also obvious to me how much the animals trusted you; they gave you so much and so quickly. You were absolutely correct about their different personalities and energies. Thank you again. You are on the path to extraordinary things! I am glad to walk part of the way with you."
- With great love from Joanne, Amber, Little Cat, and Deva, Illinois

"You have been of great help not only to me and my own dogs, but also to my clients and their pets. You have been instrumental in keeping two cats, who had been together for 7 years, from being separated because of growing aggression. You have also helped an owner understand the nasty circumstances that occurred during her dog's first weeks of life which have resulted in depression and a Jekyll/Hyde personality. Just knowing the cause of the problem behavior gives peace of mind. It also gives a place to start from in healing the wound and allowing the afflicted animal to bloom into his true self."
- Barbara, Wisconsin

"Thank you so much. Not just for the session, but for choosing to use your gift in this way. We all appreciate it. I feel as if the four of us are truly on a new plane of communication and understanding. I realize now some of the things I "felt/heard" were most likely coming from Jarreau. He told me he is proud of the work I'm doing with this one dog, "Doc", right now and didn't mind me being away from the cats to help him. Hopefully, I'll learn to be more and more open to them all."
- Kimberly, Arizona

"I would like to express my appreciation for the insight you have given me regarding the litterbox problems with my cats. Changing to a different brand of litter as they suggested has helped, as well as moving the litterboxes away from main areas. It still amazes me just how smart Teddy and Lexi really are. I guess I hadn't realized that animals are also feeling and thinking individuals fully capable of expressing themselves. I just wasn't understanding the message until you were able to interpret it for me. Thank you so much for all your help."
- Tammy, Illinois

"I want to send you my heartfelt THANK YOU for helping me understand my girls. I've been so worried about Chelsea's health and happiness, she obviously has enough happiness inside her for the entire world, and I can now help instead of worry about her discomfort. And then there is Popper. I started a journey 2 years ago, not knowing where it will lead me. You and Popper have opened up a new door into what is to come. I'm forever grateful to you both."
- Karla, Illinois


Just wanted to thank you again for helping me out with Julia Jo whose real name is Sniffers, the cat I had found as a stray. It is amazing the detail you were able to get from her about "down the block and across the street" which is exactly where her house is in relation to where I found her. And, the way you picked up "white house with black shutters".... her house is white and use to have black shutters but now has dark green shutters. I know we've had quite a few sessions before, but this one has just blown me away. You are truly amazing and I envy your gift of being able to communicate with animals. I am so happy to know you and have you to communicate with my animals. You are one great lady!
- Jennifer, Illinois

A few months ago we talked about Gwen.  You really helped me to understand her in a deeper sense.  I've always worried about what her life was like before me and it was amazing to get a grasp on that.  I feel such a strong bond with Gwen and it meant so much to learn about how she feels about me as well.  Now that I have spoken with you I have a much stronger sense of her personality, her likes and dislikes, and what makes her happy.  Thank you!

-Amy, Illinois

Thank you so much or helping me come to better terms with my cat, Chuck's, death.  I feel much better now that I know that he is with me, and always will be.  You have a wonderful gift, and I'm very happy for the chance to get to experience it in my own way.  Some of the things you conveyed that he said were amazing.  Like when Chuck said "Shake that tail, baby!"  I couldn't believe it!  Once you said that, an image of me and him playing with his tail came in my head.  I was awestruck!  I'm still crying as I'm writing this.  I'm happy to know that he's having a good time.  I can just imagine him running through people, buzzing them, and having a good time with all the other cats that he has known throughout his life that have passed on as well.  He was quite a character when he was alive, and now I know that he has not changed.  I will be very happy when I am reunited with him again.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart! - Jessica

I have to admit, I was skeptical of the use of an animal communicator from the start.  But when I walked my headstrong girl into the booth, Carol immediately started passing along what my girl Banshee was saying - and I could not believe the accuracy of the information!  It really changed my outlook on the entire concept, and we were able to get Banshee past a particularly difficult attitude problem she had.  I have a lot better relationship with my girl now that I know how she thinks, and we were even able to get her to do what we requested of her.  I wholeheartedly recommend Carol and her abilities!

- Alene, Illinois,
and Banshee, now GP Sadakat's Angel Face of Sinend

Carol has been helping me understand my dogs for many years now. Having conversations with Dasher and Phoenix through Carol has been a fun experience, and a very enlightening one. Most of the time I just want to know why they are doing something that doesn't make sense to me. But when Dasher became deathly ill in Spring 2008, Carol told me that Dasher said that he wasn't ready to leave this world and that he thought he could get better. He just needed more tests. I had already taken him to 3 doctors and was ready to give up. But I tried one more time and this time, they found out he had Addison's Disease and they were able to bring him back from what had been a critical condition. We have to give him daily and monthly medication, but he is fine now and I feel that Carol and her conversation with Dasher gave me the direction I needed and I still have my dog today because of her. For all those skeptics out there, she really DOES talk with our animals and I am very grateful she does. ~ Penny, Illinois

I just wanted to share a quick photo regarding our cat situation. Poohie and Simone (she was originally very skittish, and Poohie was not happy) are now technically husband and wife. They follow each other everywhere, and she is now even letting my husband pet her. So very sweet. I wanted to thank you for all your help getting the family acclimated! - Maggie, Illinois



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