Client Session Payment Page

Thank you for your interest in consultations, coaching, and the intuitive healing arts.  I am honored to assist you and your companions at this time, and am looking forward to the journeys ahead :-))  

Payments are processed through PayPal. Payment options, when completing "checkout" include debit or credit cards.  

  • To navigate the payment process, simply click "add to cart" for the appropriate item. 
  • You will have a base session time as noted (typically 45 minutes for a first time client with a single animal), or will use another option based on the planned number of animals and questions to be included during the scheduled session. 
  • After adding an item to the cart, you may click the "continue shopping" button to return to this page if you need to add travel time for in-person sessions, or if you wish to purchase a recording of your session.
  • The "incremental time" selections are for use if additional time beyond a base session time is needed.   (This section is used and submitted following the session, not in advance of a scheduled session.)
  • Once you have added the final item to you cart, click "check out" to complete the process.   

Thank you once again, for the opportunity to assist you and your companion(s)!!  



Base Session Time
(see further below for lost animal session rates)
Client Session - 10 minutes
Client Session - 15 minutes
Client Session - 20 minutes
Client Session - 30 minutes
Client Session - 45 minutes
Client Session - 60 minutes
Client Session - 75 minutes
Client Session - 90 minutes
Session Recordings
Recording, Digital  - $10
Recording, CD - $25
Lost Animal Session
Client Session - Lost Animal Minimum
Client Session - Lost Animal - 30 Minutes
Gift Certificates of Connection & Insight
Gift Certificate - 15 minutes
Gift Certificate - 30 minutes
Gift Certificate - 45 minutes
Gift Certificate - 60 minutes
Gift Certificate - Digital Recording
Incremental Time
Client Session - Incremental Time - $5
Client Session - Incremental Time - $10
Client Session - Incremental Time - $15
Client Session - Incremental Time - $20
Client Session  - Incremental Time - $25
Client Session  - Incremental Time - $30
Event Consultations
Events: Mini-Consultations - 10 minutes
Events: Mini-Consultations - 15 minutes
Travel Fees
Travel Fee - 15 minutes
Travel Fee - 30 minutes
Travel Fee - 45 minutes
Travel Fee - 60 minutes

In addition to private consultations, coaching, and healing sessions, Carol facilitates presentations and workshops in Animal Communication (Basic and Advanced Levels).


Read about scheduling a consultation, available workshops,

or contact Carol via:

Phone: (815) 531-2850
Carol Schultz
P.O. Box 577
Pekin, IL 61555

Client Payments Backup form

Backup form only for unspecified payment amounts. Fill in the name of the class, workshop or service, along with the amount. Payment through the Paypal system only.  This is only to be used on an exception basis.  The shopping cart links above are to be used as the primary payment process at this time.


Animal Communication is not an alternative or substitute for good veterinary care, proper nutrition, training, or exercise.

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