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Carol Schultz is a professional Animal Communicator, serving clients since 2000 throughout her home state of Illinois, the Midwest, and across the country. Her desire to assist animals and their human companions is inspired by her feline companion, Panda, a graceful, wise, and playful friend, who passed into spirit when Carol's journey on this path began.

She has studied with Penelope Smith, an internationally known pioneer in this field, Teresa Wagner, a trusted guide in animal loss & grief support concerns, Dr. Nancy Soliven, a leading professional in the field of craniosacral therapy and emotional release, and with many others both locally and nationally. Carol is a graduate of the Interspecies Life Awareness Coach training program with the Institute of Integrated Sciences, founded by Mary Ann Simonds, a Human/Animal Life Awareness Coach.

In addition to Animal Communication and Interspecies Life Awareness Coaching & Consulting, Carol offers and incorporates various intuitive healing modalities into her work with clients. Bach Flower Essences and Aromatherapy may be suggested to further support the animal/human relationship and integrate the changes you and your animal desire to experience more fulfillment in your partnership. 

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Prior to assisting animals, Carol worked in the field of logistics with two large food manufacturers in the Chicagoland and Dallas areas.  She is a top honors graduate from the University of Illinois in Champaign business school (Industrial Distribution Management) and during her corporate career earned her MBA in Organizational Development as a Hotchkiss Scholar of the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management (Lake Forest, IL).

After a steady climb up the corporate ladder to the role of Director of Logistics, she intuitively felt she belonged elsewhere, in a more spiritually-orientated setting, and made the choice to leave the corporate world. 

In the fall of 1999, one of Carol's two cats, Panda , went into sudden kidney failure.  She was devastated and emotional.  At the time, Carol had come to know someone who had the capability to communicate the thoughts and feelings of animals.  This counselor let her know Panda's thoughts about what Carol was doing to assist Panda, and it really helped them both through a very difficult six week period.  Near the end of Panda's life, Carol began to pick up herself on Panda's thoughts.   It was a total joy for them both to have this connection. 

When it became time to assist Panda with her passing, this heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind connection made Carol's experience one of understanding and discovery, rather than complete sorrow.  It was a wonderful gift.   At that point, she received the confirmation of this connection with animals and nature being part of her purpose for being here... and to help others connect with their animal companions in this way.

Following these profound realizations and experiences, Carol transitioned into working more closely with animals.  She became a veterinary assistant with a local animal rehabilitation clinic, a pet sitter, and also a volunteer at shelters and animal sanctuaries.

Early on in Carol's journey as an animal communicator, she began facilitating courses to help others regain their telepathic ability and confidence to communicate with animals.  Her passion to educate and support others who desire a deeper connection with their own companions has resulted in hundreds of students participating in her courses.  Carol is very honored to now have numerous professional animal communicators and holistic animal healers as her peers who began their path as students seeking both this magical and scientific connection with their companions. 

Visit Animal Spirit Healing and Education NetworkCarol's commitment to deep emotional healing of both animals and their people, professional and client networking, integrity, mutual respect, professional ethics, continual personal growth, and educational excellence drove her desire to found the
Animal Spirit Healing & Education® Network, (Est. 2006) .  ASN is a collaborative educational community which continues to enhance the lives of animal companions and their humans through on-site courses, teleclasses, and online learning opportunities.

Carol resides in Pekin, Illinois, with her daughter Jasmine, and their feline companion, Blinky.

Animal communicators fulfill the role of interpreting messages (pictures, thoughts, emotions) from your companions. Learn how this process can compliment your pet's program of nutrition, exercise, and veterinary care. Deepen your spiritual connection with your animal companion, and begin to re-awaken for yourself this capability we all have with our pets.


Carol assists all species of animals...

                   as well as animal companions who haved passed on into Spirit,

                   and Lost Animal cases. 

                   (excellent informational resource site for lost animals: )


In addition to private consultations, coaching, and healing sessions, Carol facilitates workshops in Animal Communication (Basic and Advanced Levels).

Read about scheduling a consultation, available workshops,

or contact Carol via:

Phone: (815) 531-2850

Carol Schultz
P.O. Box 577
Pekin, IL 61555


Professional Affiliations:

Animal Communicators Coalition for Animal Welfare
Animal Communicators Coalition for Animal Welfare (ACCAW)

International Alliance for Animal Therapy and Healing

International Alliance for Animal Therapy and Healing
National organization dedicated to the advancement and awareness of healing and health options for animals.

Young Living Oils Distributor #665738

Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils - Distributor #665738



Animal Communication is not an alternative or substitute for
good veterinary care, proper nutrition, training, or exercise.

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